November 16, 2011 Brad Will

Limitations of Auto Detailing

Recently, we have worked on some cars that were older and a bit neglected.  Because of this fact, the results of the detail were not quite up to our usual standards.  I explained to the customer, up front, that I expected the results to be less than stellar.  Auto detailing is meant to maintain the like new appearance of a car, not completely restore it.  In some cases, our auto detailing process can restore  soiled or damaged surfaces, but it is a lot more time consuming and expensive.  Frequent detailing (twice a year) from the time a car is new, will keep it looking that way for many years.  Neglecting a car for even a year, can lead to damage that is not fixable or very expensive to fix.  During our auto detailing process, two important things are accomplished.  First, the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.  Dirt and grime are usually acidic and will eventually damage the interior and exterior surfaces of your car.  Removing soil frequently is a very important part of keeping your car looking it’s best.  Second, most surfaces are protected after they are cleaned.  Painted surfaces are polished and sealed, and interior surfaces are protected with a UV and soil protectant.  Paint sealants and interior protectants keep dirt and UV rays from damaging these surfaces.  It is important to be proactive about your car’s appearance.  Sticking to a frequent car detailing regimen should be part of your car’s routine maintenance, just like an oil change.  Neglecting your car is likely to result in permanent damage that is not easily fixed.

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