September 3, 2011 Brad Will

5 Reasons to Detail Your Car

People choose to have their cars detailed for different reasons. Selling or trading in a car is a very common one. A person realizes that their car looks less than presentable, and hopes to improve it’s value with detailing. Another reason I frequently hear, is; “we are going on vacation, and the car needs to be detailed before we go”. Both of these examples, are wrong reasons to detail your car. In both of these situations, the car is probably at the point where the owner realizes the car needs some much needed cleaning and detailing. Auto detailing should be classified as routine maintenance for your vehicle, just like an oil change. Here are five great reasons to have your car detailed often.

1.) It will help to keep the re-sale value high. A car graded in excellent condition can sell for thousands of dollars more than the same car graded only “good”.
2.) Having your car detailed is convenient. A mobile detailing service will come to you home or office and save you time.
3.) The interior of your car will be a more healthy place to be. Dirt and dust will be removed and the hard surfaces will have less germs. It will also smell much better.
4.) The auto detailing process is eco-friendly. Environmentally conscious auto detailing companies use “rinse-less” wash products that use a fraction of the water used at a car wash. Micro-fiber towels need less chemicals and eliminate paper towels.
5.) Frequent detailing keeps your car looking great. Impress your boss and sales prospects with your immaculate car. A spotless car makes you feel great!


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