June 21, 2011 Brad Will

What Does Auto Detailing Cost?

The prices you can expect to pay for auto detailing services can vary widely.  You can purchase a service commonly called a “detail”, for less than $50 dollars at some commercial car washes.  This type of service is performed in large volumes and most likely, will not exceed your expectations.  Other sources of low priced auto detailing services include newly created businesses and auto dealerships.  You will also encounter auto detailing companies, who are charging a premium for their services.  When shopping for auto detailing services, it is important to examine the benefits of doing business with a particular company.  What is the level of training and expertise of their employees?  Are they licensed and insured?  Do they offer a mobile service to your home or office?  These types of questions will help you to determine which company is giving you the best value for your money.

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