January 2, 2012 Brad Will

New Year’s Detailing Resolutions

New Year’s is a great time to initiate your resolutions and changes for the upcoming year.  Whether it is eating more healthy or exercising more, we have all made resolutions at one time or another in our lives.  Keeping up with the resolutions is another subject all together.  You can also choose the start of a new year, to stay committed to your car’s appearance.  Keeping your car looking it’s best, requires that you set a maintenance schedule, and stick to it.  Most importantly, is to frequently and properly wash your car on a regular basis; usually at least once a month.  This will remove the dirt and grime that eventually will bond to and damage your car’s paint.  A proper hand wash is best, and should include thorough cleaning of your car’s wheels.  If a hand wash is not practical, a commercial car wash is better than letting the dirt dwell on your car.  When you wash your car, use this time to vacuum the mats and carpets, and lightly clean all the interior hard surfaces.  A damp micro-fiber towel works well, just as long as the interior is not too dirty.  Your car should be polished and the paint sealed twice a year to keep it protected from the sun and road grime.  This process should be done once in the fall and again in the spring.  If you are not confident or skilled enough to do the polishing yourself, hire a qualified professional to do it for you.  If you are committed to keeping your car looking it’s best for years to come, these simple resolutions will surely help you accomplish that goal.

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