February 17, 2011 Brad Will

Routine Auto Detailing

When most people think of routine maintenance for their car, they think about oil changes, tire rotations, and brake jobs.  Auto detailing is usually not put into the category of routine maintenance.  In actuality, frequent auto detailing is a very important part of properly maintaining your car.  I have mentioned before, that neglecting your car’s appearance can quickly damage both interior and exterior surfaces.  Changing your car’s oil often will reduce wear on it’s engine, and detailing your car often will significantly reduce wear of it’s surfaces.  A frequently asked question is: “How often should my car be detailed?”  The answer depends on several factors.  How often and in what environment you drive your car, how many miles you drive it, and whether or not it is garaged.  If you drive your car daily and live in a region that gets winter weather, more frequent detailing would be required.  A general rule to follow is, you should have your car detailed twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall.  This means a thorough interior cleaning and a wash, polish, and paint sealant of the exterior.  The interior cleaning removes dirt, sand, dust and other materials that can quickly damage interior components.  Exterior detailing removes dirt and road grime, while making sure the paint stays shiny and protected from UV rays.  If you follow this schedule, most likely your car will look great for years to come.  In between “details” your car should be washed and vacuumed as often as your schedule and wallet permit.  You can choose to do this yourself with the proper process and materials or find a qualified company to provide this type of service.  You may be thinking that detailing your car twice a year will be expensive.  Yes, it will cost you a few hundred dollars, however, the benefit of keeping the re-sale value high and the satisfaction of driving a great looking car is well worth it.  Next time you think about your car’s routine maintenance schedule, be sure to factor in frequent auto detailing as part of that schedule.  If not, you will quickly become the proud owner of a car that does not look the way it did when you bought it.

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