December 27, 2010 Brad Will

Customer Service For The New Year

I recently have had some not so good experiences with other companies.  In my opinion, I was a victim of sub-par customer service.  This is especially troubling to me because, after all, I run my own company.   Customer service is defined as; what ever the customer says it is.  This means that you, the customer, is the person who decides what good customer service is, and how it should be delivered.  It seems that good or great customer service is rare in this day and age.  Large companies that dominate many industries generally do a poor job with customer service.  Even small companies, which have an advantage because they are small, are guilty of providing lackluster customer service.  Excellent customer service adds value to a product or service.  It also makes you want to patronize a business again in the future, and tell others about the great service you received.  Things such as returning your phone call or email promptly, having a pleasant phone demeanor and accommodating attitude, convenient scheduling, and proper follow-up all contribute to a good customer service experience.  What are some things you would add to this list?  The truth is, there are many attributes to great customer service, and it is all determined by you.  As we move into a New Year, make sure you demand excellent customer service from the businesses you choose to give your hard earned money to.   If you receive customer service that does not exceed your expectations, bring it to the attention of the manager, or better yet, the owner.  If you are still not satisfied with the service you are receiving, take your business to another company that is willing to go above and beyond, to provide you with outstanding service.

A good way to find businesses that offer outstanding customer service is to ask friends and family for recommendations.  Usually, if someone recommends a company, it is because they have had a great customer service experience.  Chances are, you will also find their service outstanding.  You can also check online sites that contain customer reviews.  Google Places and Yelp are a couple sites where customers can post reviews of a business.  Positive reviews usually indicate that a company is committed to providing it’s customers with outstanding customer service.  Remember, customer service is not something that should be hard to find.  Businesses should be thankful that you are willing to pay them your money for a product or service.  In return, they should be willing to do what ever it takes, within reason, to meet and exceed your expectations.  If they are not, simply choose a company that will.

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