April 5, 2011 Brad Will

Decoding the Auto Detailing Process

I recently gave a detailing workshop to some eager members of the BMW Car Club of the National Capital Area. The participants were all auto enthusiasts, who truly care about the appearance of their cars.  Most of them already had some knowledge about the process of detailing a car.  My goal was to clearly layout before them the process, the equipment, general products, and the supplies that go into achieving superior auto detailing results.  As I went through my presentation, I realized the participants were very interested in what I had to say.  Many stopped me on multiple occasions to ask detailed questions about the process and products.  I did not mind this at all, but rather encouraged it.  I wanted it to be very clear, that auto detailing is a process that needs to be methodical and complete.  I was a bit disappointed in the fact that the participants seemed overly concerned with the exact products I use.  I made it a point to mention that the process and equipment are more important than the products, and little difference exists between the top products on the market.  Either way, the workshop was a success if everyone took something valuable from it.  I feel that goal was accomplished.  In the future, if you ever have any questions about the process used to detail a car, please feel free to ask.

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