Concourse Auto Detailing

September 8, 2020
September 8, 2020 Brad Will

Concourse Auto Detailing

As many of you already painfully know, the 2020 concourse season has seen individual events cancelled or others delayed for months. Fall is an ideal time to have an outdoor car show in Northern Virginia, so it’s exciting to anticipate the ones that are scheduled. The vehicles that are present at concourse events, are some of the most finely detailed vehicles that you will ever see. The most impressive, in this detailer’s opinion, are original vintage vehicles. These cars have not undergone an expensive restoration, but rather have been frequently and properly detailed for their entire existence. Frequent auto detailing is the basis for maintaining your vehicle’s appearance for the long term. There is detailing that is done in direct preparation for a concourse event, however, the best cars should already be in phenomenal condition, if proper detailing was done often. There are a few important reasons why frequent auto detailing is such a big factor in keeping a car pristine for decades. First, soil is acidic. When soil dwells on the surfaces of your vehicle, those surfaces degrade and become damaged. Those same surfaces are degraded further by sunlight and moisture. Frequent auto detailing ensures that the surfaces are not only clean, but protected from UV energy and moisture too. If you find yourself at a concourse event over the next few months, and are admiring those pristine vintage cars remember; it was most likely years of frequent auto detailing, that kept them in beautiful condition. As always, please contact if you have any questions about this article, or would like to offer feedback.

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