July 23, 2010 Brad Will

Mobile Detailing Facts

Our mobile detailing service is a convenient way to have your car professionally detailed while you work or do other important things.  I frequently get asked how it is possible to provide a quality detail service at a person’s home or office.  I also get asked if the quality is the same as having a detail done in a shop environment.  When doing a mobile detail, we show up on site with everything needed to perform a high quality detail service; including power, equipment, water, and supplies.  The power is supplied with an ultra quiet Honda Generator.  In some cases, the customer will prefer we use their power, rather than run a generator.  Our vacuum has been specifically selected because of its very quiet design and fine filtration which produces zero exhaust dust.  Our rinse-less wash requires only  3 gallons of water per car, reducing the amount of water we have to transport to your location.  In addition, no run-off is generated with the rinse-less wash.  Supplies, such as cleaners, towels, polishes, and waxes are limited to what we need to complete each specific detail.  The quality of our mobile detail service is equal or better than what you would find at a fixed location detail shop.  Our superior products and process are what sets us apart from the competition, whether they are mobile or have a fixed location.  Next time you need to have your car detailed, choose the convenience of mobile detailing.

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