What Cars Can Benefit From Detailing?

November 9, 2020
November 9, 2020 Brad Will

What Cars Can Benefit From Detailing?

A common misconception is that only a certain category of vehicle can benefit from frequent detailing. It is true that the benefits are diminished if the vehicle is neglected and the surfaces have begun to deteriorate. Typically, once a vehicle’s surfaces start to deteriorate, it will need to be restored. Rarely, except in the case of a very desirable car, will restoration make economic sense.  Most vehicles, whether late model or a Radwood style vehicle can benefit from frequent detailing. The key is to start off with a vehicle that is either a year old or less or has been consistently cleaned and protected over it’s entire existence. Detailing removes soiling from the interior and exterior surfaces before it can do damage to these materials. Secondly, the auto detailing process protects your vehicle’s surfaces using protectants, waxes, or sealants. Advanced product chemistry makes applying protection to your vehicle’s paint or interior surfaces more efficient. If you do decide to detail your own vehicle, keep in mind it does require good equipment, a refined process, and good quality products and materials.  As I have mentioned in other posts, detailing your vehicle should be part of it’s regular maintenance schedule. A good rule is to detail your vehicle with every oil change; for most people this occurs twice a year. If you stick to a schedule, your vehicle will look good for many years; making it more of a pleasure to drive and helping it to hold it’s value. Remember, you don’t need to own a new vehicle for detailing to make sense. The only requirement is you have a car that has been well cared for and a plan to keep it looking great. As always, please reach out if you have any questions.


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