April 23, 2012 Brad Will

Auto Detailing FAQ’s

Auto Detailing is an often misunderstood concept.  The confusion seems to lie in what exactly is the goal of auto detailing, and what it can and can not accomplish.  The following questions and answers should help to clear up some of the misconceptions.

Question: What is auto detailing?

Answer: Auto detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning and preserving the surfaces of an automobile to a high standard.

Question: What is the goal of auto detailing?

Answer: The goal of auto detailing is to keep a car’s interior and exterior looking like new.

Question: When should a car be detailed?

Answer: A car should be detailed at least twice a year from the time it is new.

Question: What types of issues will auto detailing address?

Answer: Auto detailing will remove surface dirt from interior and exterior surfaces, such as wheels, painted surfaces, and glass.  It will also refine and protect the exterior painted surfaces.

Question: What issues will auto detailing NOT fix?

Answer: Auto detailing should be considered preventative maintenance.  It will not address very dirty or neglected surfaces, or surfaces that have been scratched, torn, or otherwise damaged.

I hope this short Q and A has addressed some of the confusion regarding auto detailing and it’s goals.  It is important to consider auto detailing as part of your car’s routine maintenance schedule.  If it is done on a regular basis, it will accomplish the goal of keeping your car looking it’s best.



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