August 29, 2010 Brad Will

Tools of the Detailing Trade

One question most people usually want an answer to is; what equipment and products are used to professionally detail a car?  The process of detailing an automobile utilizes several different pieces of specialized equipment, and a special selection of products and supplies.  Equipment includes powerful commercial vacuums, orbital and rotary machine polishers, hot water carpet extractors, and ozone generators to kill odors.  In the hands of a skilled operator this equipment allows the job to be done more efficiently and produces superior results.  All of the equipment Reflections Auto Salon uses, is specially selected because it is the best money can buy.  Products used during the auto detailing process include: softened water, rinse-less wash concentrate, all purpose cleaners, UV proctectant, tire dressing, polishes, waxes, and sealants.  As with the equipment, these products have been carefully selected based on superior quality and performance.  In addition, accessory items including micro-fiber towels for each specific task, brushes, spray bottles and dressing applicators are used in conjunction with the products to produce superior results.  I am sure I have left out a few things, but that gives you a good overview of all the things that are used to produce a superior auto detail.

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