May 13, 2010 Brad Will

Pay for the rest

I had an economics professor in college who liked to recite the phrase “Do what you do best, and pay for the rest”.  In economics the phrase makes perfect sense.  You work to make money, and then you exchange that money for goods, services and other scarce things.  Auto detailing is no different.  Yes, a motivated person can buy some basic supplies and detail their own car and achieve decent results.  Detailing your own car takes time though; a lot of it.  In economics ‘time’ is a valuable good because it is scarce.  In most cases a person will spend at least 3 hours attempting to detail their own car.  That is 3 hours you could have spent doing something you enjoy, or being productive at work.  Not to mention the physical demands required to properly detail a car.   A mobile detail company will come to you and detail your car faster and better than you could.  A service such as this, is very convenient and frees up more of your time to do what you do best.

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