January 15, 2010 Brad Will

Why Auto Detailing?

If you read the first article, “What is Auto Detailing”, you should now have a general understanding of Auto Detailing. You may be asking yourself, why should I have my car professionally detailed, when I can just go to the car wash. First, having your car washed and getting it detailed are two different services. When your car is properly detailed, every surface on the car is more thoroughly cleaned and protected. Second, more care is taken to use the proper materials and supplies to clean your automobile. Many times car washes use improper or cheap materials, which can result in damage to your car.

Having your car professionally detailed can also save you time. A mobile detail company can come to your home or office, to conveniently detail your automobile. Fixed location shops, sometimes offer express detail services that can be done in about an hour, while you wait. Having your car professionally detailed has clear benefits over going to the car wash. Not only will your car look better, it can save you time and be convenient.

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